The perfect beef roast
Date added: 03/10/2012

There is no better way to warm up your winter and keep the cold weather at bay than with a hearty beef roast. As those of you who read my column know, I am a huge fan of Bolar Blade. It is an economical cut that belies its quality. Not only is it great as a roasting piece, it can also be diced for casseroles, as well as stripped for stir-fries, quick curries and stroganoff. It has a wonderful beefy flavor and texture. It usually comes in a piece around 2-2.5kg in weight. Ask your local friendly butcher to trim it for you and remember when you buy beef from your butcher, always check to see if it has the MSA symbol on it. Butchers have been stocking MSA graded meat for years, and you can be rest assured its been graded for tenderness, juiciness and flavor.

How to cook the perfect beef roast.

2.5kg piece of Bolar blade
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

Preheat your oven to 160c. Brush you beef roast lightly with oil and season. Place the roast on a rack in the roasting dish. For a nice medium finish (pink on the inside) you need to cook it for 30mins for every 500g. Check if its ready just before the estimated cooking time is up so it doesn’t overcook. Check with tongs, soft is rare, springy is medium and firm is well done.

Allow your roast to rest before serving (this is as important as cooking the roast itself!) This allows the juices to spread evenly through out the meat. Cover it with foil and stand in a warm place for at least 10mins.

Serve with yummy baked potatoes and green veges… Yum-o!


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