Easy Texas Beef Brisket
Date added: 02/10/2012

I had a lot of feedback on last weeks American BBQ column with many customers wanting to give the pulled pork recipe a go.

We are going to continue with our American BBQ theme, this week moving to the state of Texas. Beef is big in Texas and brisket is the number one cut of meat for the BBQ. Beef brisket is one of the toughest meats around, but when cooked for the right amount of time it becomes beautifully tender. Remember when it comes to selecting meat, talk to your local butcher. He will have loads of advice on how to get the best out of every cut.

Here is my Easy Texas Beef Brisket recipe. Give it a go, your family will love it!

Feeds 4

2kg Boneless beef brisket
1 Bottle of chili sauce
1 can of coke
1 Pkt onion soup mix

Preheat the bbq with the lid down to around 150c.
Combine chili sauce, coke and soup mix.
Place the brisket on a foil lined baking tray. Pour sauce mix over brisket and cover with another sheet of foil, sealing the edges.
With the BBQ lid down, bake for four hours or until tender. Of course this can be done in the oven as well. Carve the brisket against the grain and serve with remaining juices as a sauce. Yum-o!


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