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Meat purchasing knowledge
Date added: 05/10/2012
Customers these days are certainly more inquisitive about the meat they are purchasing. With beef I always get asked a lot about the breed and whether it is grass fed or grain fed. As you can imagine, they all have different flavor characteristics.... Read more
The King of Steaks!
Date added: 04/10/2012
Every single customer who asks me what my favorite steak is knows I love cooking anything with the meat next to the bone. Whether its T-bone or even the humble Y bone, I think the flavor and sweetness of the meat tastes far superior when cooked with the... Read more
The perfect beef roast
Date added: 03/10/2012
There is no better way to warm up your winter and keep the cold weather at bay than with a hearty beef roast. As those of you who read my column know, I am a huge fan of Bolar Blade. It is an economical cut that belies its quality. Not only is it great as... Read more
Easy Texas Beef Brisket
Date added: 02/10/2012
I had a lot of feedback on last weeks American BBQ column with many customers wanting to give the pulled pork recipe a go. We are going to continue with our American BBQ theme, this week moving to the state of Texas. Beef is big in Texas and brisket is... Read more
Pulled Pork – Southern Style
Date added: 01/10/2012
I have just returned from a meat study tour of the USA, mainly to see what direction the Americans are heading in with new trends in cuts, cooking and flavours being my main focus. There were a few interesting observations to make. One was the demise of... Read more